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Sukhoi Su-53S Frigate by haryopanji Sukhoi Su-53S Frigate by haryopanji
"The're REAL!

The Sukhoi Su-53 (Cyrillic: Сухой Су-53) (NATO reporting name Frigate-A) is a hybrid twin-engine, single-seat supermanoeuverable fighter aircraft developed by collaborative Sentry Aerospace-Sukhoi-Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (now part of EADS).

It is a multirole long-range fighter for all-weather, air-to-air and air-to-surface deep interdiction missions.

The Frigate entered into serial production as the Su-55S for the Russian Air Force

The Su-53 is a development project from IFX-35A Cygnus (under licence from Sentry Aerospace and Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm), custom design for Russian Air Force. It's only differences, different style of Cockpit Canopy, nose gear, and all Russian languages of its avionic instruments and AI computer system. Its flight and combat performances is similar to its twin sister, the IFX-35A Cygnus.

General characteristics:

Crew: 1
Powerplant: 2× Lambda Power LTF 3000V-3D afterburning with three dimensional thrust-vectored turbofans of 350 kN each. Combined with 4 x Pulse Detonation/Scramjet engines.
Maximum speed: Mach 3+
Range: Classified
Service ceiling: >50,000 ft (15,000 m)


Guns: 1 × GSh-30-1 gun (30 mm caliber, 150 rounds)

Hardpoints: 9 total: 6× under-wing, and 3× under-fuselage with a capacity of 17,750 lb (8,050 kg) external fuel and ordnance

Internal Weapon Bay:
Equipped with internal rotary launcher with a wide variety of ordnance, including air to air missiles, air to surface missiles, air to ground missiles, and bombs.

Air-to-air Missiles:
10 × R-77 (AA-12) active radar homing medium range AAM, 100 km
10 × Astra missile active radar homing medium range AAM, 120 km
6 × R-27ER (AA-10C) semi-active radar guided, long range AAM 130 km
6 × R-27ET (AA-10D) Infrared homing extended range version, long range AAM 120 km
2 × R-27R (AA-10A) semi-active radar guided, medium range AAM,80 km
2 × R-27T (AA-10B) infrared homing seeker, medium range AAM, 70 km
6 × R-73 (AA-11) short range AAM, 30 km
3 × Novator KS-172 AAM-L 400 km, Indian/Russian air-to-air missile designed as an "AWACS killer"

Air-to-surface Missiles:
3 × Kh-59ME TV guided standoff Missile, 115 km
3 × Kh-59MK active radar homing anti-ship missile, 285 km
4 × Kh-35 anti-ship missile, 130 km
1 × PJ-10 Brahmos supersonic cruise missile,300 km
1 × Nirbhay subsonic cruise missile,1000 km
6 × Kh-31P/A anti-radar missile, 70 km
6 × Kh-29T/L laser-guided missile, 30 km
4 × S-8 rocket pods (80 unguided rockets)
4 × S-13 rocket pods (20 unguided rockets)

8 × KAB-500L laser guided bombs
3 × KAB-1500L laser guided bombs
8 × FAB-500T dumb bombs
28 × OFAB-250-270 dumb bombs
32 × OFAB-100-120 dumb bombs
8 × RBK-500 cluster bombs

3 x Trinity Tactical Nuclear Strike Cruise Missiles (AC-AH World) - 2 on center wing pod, 1 on internal weapon bay.

The two center wing equiped with Recon-Detection sensors, and High-Low Band Jamming Pods, or removed for two Trinity Missiles.


Lambda Electronic Division AN/APG-91 AESA radar
Irbis-G passive phased array radar
Lambda Electronic Division AN/AAQ-78 Distributed Aperture System (DAS) missile warning system
Sentry Alliance AN/ASQ-539 (Sentinel) electronic warfare system
EADS Multifunction Advanced Data Link (MADL) communication system

Chaff and flares for protection against IR missiles.

Livery: Russian Air Force, "ACE COMBAT Assault Horizon Fan Art" Specials, AKULA (Shark)
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Kai146 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
Shit.... Talk about firepower. But the fighter looks awesome!
CKyHC Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
Ronin201 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012
fear the Akula
EagleSpartan888 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome work!
LOLMANIC45 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Student Writer
Looks like a merged PAK FA, SU-37, and SU-35, that comes out into one elegant beast of pure epicness.
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